What’s more valuable… to you?

I have pondered something in mind, my friends... Picture from Canva Neighbors nearby or distant friends. Who are more valuable? Resources at hand or opportunities in the future. What's more valuable? Faith in God or connection with princes. What's more valuable? Love in His presence or fantasy over the sky. What's more valuable? Sometimes it … Continue reading What’s more valuable… to you?

Some thoughts on fat you may not know about…A Big Surprise!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com My friends, it is time! It is time that I think you SHOULD know the truth concerning you and your family!! Let me ask you. Do you throw away your butter, meat, and cheese for a long time? Do you still have uncontrollable craving for sugar and snacks? Actually, it … Continue reading Some thoughts on fat you may not know about…A Big Surprise!

Things are turning around!

Picture from Canva Things are turning around, my friends! Your health is turning around. Your relationships are turning around. Your family life is turning around! You have an excellent soul!! I am so grateful for you because you have an open mind to explore good knowledge and pursue TRUTH in every aspect of your life!! … Continue reading Things are turning around!