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A Good Poem is Worth Sharing: “The Flood”

Hello, friends, I want to share with you a poem, The Flood, which I have translated to help send inspiring and encouraging message worldwide. Be encouraged if you are in the midst of a storm!! Jesus was asleep in the storm because He was at peace. We also need to let His peace saturate in our

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Books I recommend for women’s health

As a lifetime learner, I have always kept reading several books weekly. I do some research about women’s health, and find that women need to care about hormones more than we are aware of no matter what age we are in. We need to learn the knowledge of “conducting our hormone symphony.” Your emotional state also plays

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Shift Your Focus to Receive His Promise!

Hello, friends! Have you ever felt that God failed to answer your prayer? Have you doubted that He ever listened? You are NOT alone!! I have been faithfully praying for my loved ones, but it seemed nothing dramatically changed in MY TIMING. And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.   

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